Meditation courses.


Stress Management Workshop
Red Rose Healing Centre
44-46 Wood Street, Warwick

Saturday 6th October
Cost $50.00 per person
10.00am till 3.30pm

Bookings essential

Contact Justine for further information- 0429 662 007 or email-


     This workshop encourages individuals to go on a journey of self-discovery and learn many skills for enhanced positive thinking and stress management. Some of these skills include learning advanced breathing techniques, meditation for training the brain for instant muscle relaxation, guided visualisation meditation, as well as chakra and mindfulness meditation.

Part of this process also involves individuals further developing their communication skills, improving their self-esteem and managing their stress levels more effectively.


Guided Meditation Class
Mondays midday till 1.00pm
At Red Rose Healing Centre
44-46 Wood Street, Warwick 
Cost $10.00 per person

Contact Justine to find out more - 0429 662 007
Or Email us for more information at